Words are powerful

Words are powerful. Words have the power to change people’s lives. They have the power to change people’s thinking and perspective. Words can make you happy. They can make you sad. They can motivate you. They can demotivate you. They can make things. They can break things.  They can build trust. They can break trust. … More Words are powerful

Blogging is tough

Blogging is tough. It is completely different than social media. It’s not easy to create your identity in the blogging space, unlike social media. There’s a huge competition in blogging. Millions of blogs already exist and creating your identity among these blogs is a tough task. In the blogging space, people are very selective. They … More Blogging is tough

What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to ‘Deewana’ by Akhil. It’s a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics written by Maninder Kailey. The whole lyrics are beautiful, but when Akhil sings the following lines, it touched my heart. Na Tere Jeha Hor MilnaAivein Ni Deewana Tera Main, Main

Dreams I see

Dreams are difficult to understand. It feels like sometimes dreams are trying to tell us something. When you overthink about something, many times it comes into your dream. It happens to me a lot. I often see people or things in my dreams about which I think a lot. Sometimes, dreams seem connected. One dream … More Dreams I see


In my home, the terrace has a special place in my heart. I usually go to the terrace in the evening. In the place where I live, very few people come to their terrace so the environment around usually remains peaceful. It feels so good to walk alone lost in my thoughts and listening to … More Terrace

Peace of mind

At this stage of life, my priority is peace of mind. I don’t want anyone to mess with my peace of mind. If someone says something bad to me or behave rudely to me, it affects me badly. It ruins my entire day. Many times, I keep thinking about it for many days and it … More Peace of mind

Peer pressure

Peers are people who belong to the same age or social group and peer pressure is the pressure under which a person does things because of the influence of peers or to get acceptance or seek validation from peers. Have you done things under peer pressure? Sometimes, you start imitating your peers and start to … More Peer pressure


People all around the world follow different religions. They worship and follow different Gods and practice different beliefs. It’s an individual choice to follow what religion he or she wants to follow. No one shouldn’t be forced to follow a particular religion. No one shouldn’t be insulted or made feel inferior for following a particular … More Religion

I messed up

I messed up. I messed up relationships. I messed up my career. I messed up life. I messed up everything. I could have done some things better, but due to some bad decisions, immaturity, lack of interest, procrastination, and laziness, I failed to do so and I own it. But, some things were not in … More I messed up


अन्दर मेरे इतना शोर हो गया कि बाहर से मैं खामोश हो गया

What I am listening today

Today, I am listening to ‘Har Ek Pal’ by Ashu Shukla. It’s a very beautiful song with beautiful lyrics. There are many singers and musicians on YouTube who create beautiful original and meaningful songs, but don’t get the limelight like others. I am glad that I come across this lovely song.

Thank you KK

Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as KK is no more. I can’t believe it. KK is one of my favorite singers. There are so many childhood memories attached to his songs. With his death, an era has ended especially for people like me who have grown up listening to his songs. KK was a great singer. … More Thank you KK

Left unsaid

This day, last year, you just broke my heart when you said no to my proposal. There are many things I wanted to say to you, but left unsaid because I was so nervous that I couldn’t say them. Some feelings can’t be expressed in words, but I can’t keep them inside either. Being an … More Left unsaid

Saturation point

I have reached a saturation point. Seems like all my desires have died. Nothing interests me. Nothing excites me. I want to do nothing. I keep thinking about my life all the time. I keep thinking about the decisions I made. I keep thinking about what went wrong. Sometimes, I just want to run far … More Saturation point


Whether it is a rhyming poem, free verse, or any other form of poetry, poems are one of the best ways to express your feelings. When I started blogging, I was not a fan of poetry. Maybe it was because until then I didn’t read a lot of poetry. But, when I started reading poetry, … More Poetry


War is a heinous crime against humanity. It is not a solution to any conflicts between nations. Any conflict should be resolved through talks, not war. War destroys nations and the lives of their innocent people. People never want war. People want to live in peace, but some countries and politicians use war for their … More War

WordPress community

WordPress is the best platform for bloggers and the WordPress community is the best community that anyone can find on the internet. In the era of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., there are many platforms where you can express your feelings and thoughts, but these platforms have become a place for hatred, trolling, … More WordPress community

Who says first?

Have you loved someone? Have you confessed your love? Confessing your love for someone is one of the toughest things to do. It seems easy, but it is a tough thing to do and you can understand it only when you do it. Most love stories end up because people can’t confess their love. The … More Who says first?

Night struggle

The night is the time for our body and mind to get rest. The night is the time you lie in your bed to get rid of all the tiredness of the day. The night is the time when you sleep to forget all the bad things that happened in the day. Peaceful sleep is … More Night struggle

Appreciate efforts

Once I was scrolling through Twitter and I came across a beautiful, thought-provoking, and inspiring thought that got stuck in my mind forever. It was and I quote, “कोशिशों को सराहोगे तो कोई नहीं हारेगा…”. It means if you appreciate efforts, no one wouldn’t lose or would give up. Thank you adya for this thought-provoking … More Appreciate efforts