Music is a universal language. It is beyond boundaries. It connects people irrespective of their countries. Music has its own world. You just get lost when you listen music. It brings you into another world where you get lost in your own thoughts. You like music according to your mood. If you are happy, you … More Music


Anger is one of the worst and dangerous emotion of a person. In anger, you lose the sense of right and wrong and it results into regret and disappointment only. You break things, hurt yourself and others to vent anger and relieve yourself. Sometimes your anger causes a huge loss. Anger not only affects you … More Anger


Money is not everything in life, but it is not less than anything also. Without money you can’t run your life. Family, relationship, love, etc. have their importance in life, but you need money also to survive in this world. You need money for food, clothes, house, education, health facilities, etc. Money is needed for … More Money


Time is the most precious thing in life. You can bring everything back, but once time is gone, it is gone, you can’t bring it back. You can only regret about it. Money has value, but time is invaluable. Time doesn’t discriminate between people; it treats everyone the same. Everyone has equal time, but some … More Time

Sleepless nights

Only those who can’t sleep can understand the importance of sleep. You remain in your thoughts and keep thinking about past and future, good and bad memories in life, relationships, childhood, hardships you have faced in life, failures in life. The pain of not meeting expectations of yourself is one of the cause of sleepless … More Sleepless nights


Always be loyal. Loyalty is very important in life. If someone is not loyal to you, he or she doesn’t deserve you. If your husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend are not loyal to you, it’s better to part ways because nothing is worse than betrayal. Such people don’t deserve you. Breaking the trust of someone … More Loyalty


Without an aim, life is worthless. You have to be clear about what you want to be in life. One moment you think I should this and another moment you think I should do that. Life goes on and you keep thinking what should I do. Your mind wanders from one thing to another, but … More Aim


Nothing is better than travel to know yourself. You know about life and its challenges, people and their difficulties, society and culture by travelling. You can’t feel all these through books, internet, television, etc., you have to travel to know about all these. I think travelling makes you more kind towards people, you start to … More Travel


You can leave the past, but the past never leaves you. Past keeps haunting you. Even if you want to forget your past people and circumstances keep reminding you about your past. Everyone has something to regret about their past. It is not easy to forget your past. You can only regret about the past … More Past