Life of a woman

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The life of a woman is very hard. Difficulties start right from birth. First, she has to fight for the birth itself. Due to the orthodox mentality girl is considered as a burden in society in many countries. After birth, a girl has to face many restrictions throughout life. A woman is judged from her looks, appearance, character, loyalty, height, weight but society never questions a man. A woman has to face lewd comments, molestation and gender discrimination every day. No one can imagine what a woman has to go through when she is raped or attacked with acid. Strict action must be taken against anyone who does such heinous crimes. A girl has to carry the burden of expectations of his family and others. This needs to be changed. People have to change their thinking about women that they are not an object. Women are now taking a stand for them and opposing every wrong thing which is a very good sign.  

Women are leaving men behind in every field. To fix one day for women is completely unjustified & unacceptable. Every day is women’s day.

Women are far superior to men anytime and any way.    

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