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Without an aim, life is worthless. You have to be clear about what you want to be in life. One moment you think I should this and another moment you think I should do that. Life goes on and you keep thinking what should I do. Your mind wanders from one thing to another, but you can’t decide. You find yourself entangled. If you look towards successful people you will find that most of them had an aim in life, that is why they became so successful. An aim in life is worth having. The best rule to decide what you should do is doing what you like with your heart and you will never get bored with your work. It doesn’t matter what people think after all it’s your life, you are living for yourself not for others.

Be whatever you want to be. Be an actor, singer, dancer, sportsman, writer, chef, photographer, teacher, engineer, doctor, journalist, etc. Own a restaurant, run a food truck, feed poor and homeless, join the armed forces, teach underprivileged children, volunteer for a social cause or an NGO, etc. It doesn’t matter how big or small work you do. Do what, in which you feel satisfied.

Without an aim in life, you can’t succeed.

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