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Always be loyal. Loyalty is very important in life. If someone is not loyal to you, he or she doesn’t deserve you. If your husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend are not loyal to you, it’s better to part ways because nothing is worse than betrayal. Such people don’t deserve you. Breaking the trust of someone who trusts you blindly can’t be forgiven. If you are in a relationship with someone, never break the trust of her or him.

Loyalty is the pillar of any relationship. If you are having an extra-marital affair or you are involved in adultery, then you are betraying who trusts you blindly. If you don’t want to continue a relationship, then be straight forward and tell your partner but don’t betray them. Trust me, you are very fortunate if you have someone who is loyal to you. Value it. Never take it for granted. Never break the trust, whom you love.

Never break the trust, whom you love.

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