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Anger is one of the worst and dangerous emotion of a person. In anger, you lose the sense of right and wrong and it results into regret and disappointment only. You break things, hurt yourself and others to vent anger and relieve yourself. Sometimes your anger causes a huge loss. Anger not only affects you but also people living with you. It affects your personal life, professional life, relationships, etc. Instead of giving instant reaction, breed your anger and use it to make yourself better and prove everyone wrong who is doubting you.

How to deal with anger? I am sharing some tips from my experiences.

  1. Never react right away when you are angry, take your time. Sometimes you feel you are right and others are wrong at that moment, but it is possible that after some time you may find you were wrong while others were right.
  2. Stop talking instantly to people who are making you angry.
  3. Move out of that place for some time, it may help you to control your anger.
  4. If it is not possible to leave that place, distance yourself from people or things for some time which are making you angry.
  5. Talk to someone whom you like talking to.
  6. Engage yourself in something which you like to do, it can be anything like watching your favorite movie or show, playing some game or sports, or just go out and wander.
  7. If you have kids, just play with them or just watch them doing their thing. Children’s silly mischiefs will definitely bring a smile to your face. Even if you don’t have kids, watch kids’ videos on the internet, their playful mischiefs will make you happy.
  8. Listen music. Music will calm your nerves and helps in forgetting things.
  9. Drink water as it will help calm you down.
  10. Just sleep or take a nap. It is simply the best.

Never react instantly in anger.

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