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Music is a universal language. It is beyond boundaries. It connects people irrespective of their countries. Music has its own world. You just get lost when you listen music. It brings you into another world where you get lost in your own thoughts. You like music according to your mood. If you are happy, you like loud music. If you are in love, you like romantic songs. If you are sad or angry, you like sad or slow songs. Music is very much related to your emotions and mood. It helps in forgetting your problems in life. It is like a breeze in which you feel relaxed.

Music is an integral part of our life. Without music, we can’t expect a celebration or festival. It is everywhere, in the flow of water, tweets of birds, showering of rain, etc. Even if you don’t understand the language of someone, music creates a bridge between people because it doesn’t require words to express emotions. I just love music.

You just get lost in music.

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