Change is not always easy, whether you like it or not. Change can be related to the person, place, thing or animal. It is not easy to leave your family and friends and move on with new people. It is not easy to leave old things and place and move on to new things and … More Change


Decisions play the most important role in changing your life. A right decision at the right time can change your whole life while a bad decision may ruin your life. Regardless of your intelligence and hard work course of life is decided by the decisions you take in your life. Even an intelligent and hardworking … More Decision


Courage is something which comes from inside. Courage is to stand for others, even if you don’t know them. Courage is to take a stand for truth and right things in life. To be courageous doesn’t mean you must be physically strong. Even physically weak can be courageous. Courage is to take a stand for … More Courage


Eyes never lie. However hard you try to hide your emotions, but your eyes tell the truth. You can change your expressions of face, but you can’t control your eyes. Eyes tells about whatever a person is thinking. Eyes can tell whether a person is happy, sad, angry, lying or telling the truth. It can … More Eyes

Life of a woman

The life of a woman is very hard. Difficulties start right from birth. First, she has to fight for the birth itself. Due to the orthodox mentality girl is considered as a burden in society in many countries. After birth, a girl has to face many restrictions throughout life. A woman is judged from her … More Life of a woman


Death is the ultimate truth of life. Nothing is more painful in life than losing your dear ones. Death of your parents, children, wife, husband, and siblings is the most painful thing in one’s life. In one moment your whole life changes. Your perspective of seeing life changes. You start to give more importance to … More Death


Hope is the oxygen for life. If you lose hope, you lose everything. People live on hope. You keep living in the hope that things and circumstances will change. You shouldn’t leave hope anytime. A hopeless person can’t survive in this world. Keeping hoping and keep doing what you believe in and one day you … More Hope


It’s not easy to be a soldier. A soldier lives for his country and dies for his country. It needs immense courage to be a soldier despite knowing that he may lose his life anytime. A soldier sacrifices his life for the lives of others. He forsakes his family and all the temptations in life … More Soldier