Clothes are worn for hiding nudity not to reveal your body. A person wearing clothes looks more civilized and handsome or beautiful than a person who is showing off his or her body. Being modern doesn’t mean you show off your body or roam naked. Someone doesn’t become modern by the clothes he or she … More Clothes

Last goodbye

It is very hard to say last goodbye. It is painful for the person who is at the last stage of his or her life as well as for the people around him or her. There are many things that both he or she and you want to tell each other. You wanted to say … More Last goodbye


Unsaid things hurt the most. There are many things which are unsaid. I haven’t talked about those things to anyone. I have kept them in my heart. I have been keeping them with me for years. Things which are personal. Things which are my secrets. Such things make me uncomfortable. My mind is full of … More Unsaid

Hostile world

This world is hostile. Most of the people don’t want that you succeed in your life. They want you to fail miserably in your life. They will try everything to make it possible. They will discourage you and fill your mind with negative thoughts. They mislead you from your aim in life. Such people leave … More Hostile world