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Childhood is the best phase of one’s life. You don’t have to worry about anything. You just remain in your own world. As a child, you are pure at heart, innocent, honest, kind and selfless, but as you start growing up, you start gaining bad qualities. In childhood, you don’t discriminate on the basis of their religion, caste, color, gender and nationality, but as you grow old, you start discriminating. In childhood, you don’t judge people on their appearance and wealth. It doesn’t matter to you whether someone is rich or poor, how’s his clothes are. You just don’t care at all. You just mix with each other without judging them.

As a child, you just keep thinking when I will be a grown up and become independent and take my own decisions, but when you become an adult you just keep missing your childhood because you now realize how beautiful those days were and you had nothing to worry about. Even your mischiefs are enjoyed by others in childhood. Once childhood is gone, it’s gone, so when you become parent let your children enjoy as much as they can because these days will never come back.

Childhood is the best phase of one’s life.

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