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The hero is not that you see in movies. A real hero is who fights against injustice and help others. Such people are very rare who are kind and have the guts to stand against injustice. Many people think about helping others, fighting against injustice and stand for truth, but the only thing that matters is how many of them actually do it. Thinking and doing are two different things. Those who do are real heroes for me.

It is easy to just run away from the problems of life or just end life, but it is very hard to continue to fight in your life. Everyone who is not giving up and still fighting in his life is a hero. It is easy to be a sheep in a herd but it is very hard to stand alone and fight for truth and justice. Everyone who stands for truth and justice is a hero for me. If a rich help others or donate his money for helping others is good but I can’t say he is a hero because he is capable of doing that. If a person who is poor or his financial condition is not good despite that he help others is a hero for me. There are many unsung heroes around us who are doing their bit. The only thing for them is respect.

Respect real heroes.

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