Hostile world

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This world is hostile. Most of the people don’t want that you succeed in your life. They want you to fail miserably in your life. They will try everything to make it possible. They will discourage you and fill your mind with negative thoughts. They mislead you from your aim in life. Such people leave no opportunity to insult and mock you. It may happen that someone of them are your relatives and closest friends. They pretend to be good, on your side and want you to succeed but actually they keep praying for your failure. It’s a bitter truth. You may have also experienced this in your life. You are surrounded by such people. It’s better to distance yourself from such people.

Only a few people in this world really want that you become successful in your life. Your family is one of them. You are very lucky if you find some true friends, relatives and colleagues, but it is very rare. Only a few people are truly your well-wishers in this hostile world. This world is full of selfish people. Such people use you when they need you and ditch you when their work gets done. You have to be strong to survive in this world. You must keep trying to get what you want in your life. Your success is the best reply to this hostile world.

This world is hostile.

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