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Unsaid things hurt the most. There are many things which are unsaid. I haven’t talked about those things to anyone. I have kept them in my heart. I have been keeping them with me for years. Things which are personal. Things which are my secrets. Such things make me uncomfortable. My mind is full of such things. I keep thinking about them.

Everyone has his or her secrets. Things which he or she hasn’t shared with anyone. Somethings are personal and somethings are secrets. Somethings are related to guilt of doing or not doing something. I can understand this pain that you want to vent your feelings but you can’t. You want to share it with someone, but you can’t find anyone.

I want to share those unsaid things and feelings with someone, but I have no one to share it. May be someday I will find someone with whom I can share those things and who will accept me without judging me. May be someday.

Unsaid things hurt the most.

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