Last goodbye

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It is very hard to say last goodbye. It is painful for the person who is at the last stage of his or her life as well as for the people around him or her. There are many things that both he or she and you want to tell each other. You wanted to say many things, but you couldn’t say, but now when you realize that they will be no longer with you, you want to tell those unsaid words. You want to tell how much you love them. You want to tell that you need them and what is their importance in your life. You want to express your feelings for them. You want to confess the wrong things you did and ask them to forgive you.

It is more painful if you couldn’t say what you wanted to say and the person goes away. It will hurt you forever. Unsaid feelings hurt forever. If you leave when your family is doing okay then it will be less painful, but if you leave your family in miserable condition, it will really hurt but this is life. It is never easy to leave this world. Everyone wants when they leave this world their dear ones remain near them so that one last time they can meet them and say a last goodbye.

It is very hard to say last goodbye.

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