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Clothes are worn for hiding nudity not to reveal your body. A person wearing clothes looks more civilized and handsome or beautiful than a person who is showing off his or her body. Being modern doesn’t mean you show off your body or roam naked. Someone doesn’t become modern by the clothes he or she wears, your thoughts make you modern. In their defense, many people say that it is their life and they can do whatever they like. Freedom of expression doesn’t mean you roam naked on the roads. You live in a society, so you must behave in a civilized way. No one is asking to just fully cover your body, but can’t you just wear decent clothes? Many people have a misconception in their mind that this is an orthodox thinking. They think that if they show off their body or pose naked they are breaking stereotypes. They are not breaking any stereotype, they do just because they have a misconception that if they do the opposite of anything they are breaking stereotypes. Such people are actually attention seeker and egoistic. They try to gain people’s attention by doing something different. Such people have an ego problem. They do the opposite of anything just to prove people wrong because of their high ego.

Never judge a person from his or her clothes because I have seen many people wearing pretty clothes but having dirty minds. How good or bad a person is can’t be judged by his or her appearance. Many people can’t afford to wear expensive or branded clothes, but they are good at heart while many people who wear good clothes are actually bad at heart. Clothes don’t make you good, your nature, thinking, kindness, etc. makes you good.

Never judge a person from his or her clothes.

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