Food and its wastage

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. People work day and night to feed their families. It is the food which makes a person to do good and bad work. A person can go to any extent for food so that he can feed himself and his family. Always respect food. Never waste … More Food and its wastage


In anxiety you feel like your world is falling apart. Sometimes anxiety happens due to some disease while sometimes it is caused due to mental problems. Sometimes the reason behind anxiety is emotional breakdown. Emotional people feel anxiety more because they are very emotional about everything. They are very attached to people and things and … More Anxiety

Let go

Sometimes let go is the best thing you can do. Sometimes you become too impatient for something. You want things to happen at the earliest. You over-try to make things happen. Let the things happen on their own. Let yourself flow with the time. Letting someone go is always hard. Those whom you love, you … More Let go


Everyone is attached to something. Attachment is not restricted only to people. You may be attached to anything. It may be living thing and non-living thing. You may be attached to people, places, things, animals, etc. You get attached to certain things like your clothes, mobile, car, etc. You generally attached to old things because … More Attachment

Never expect

Never expect anything from anyone. Expectation causes disappointment. When you expect something to happen and that thing didn’t happen, you become disappointed, but when you don’t expect something to happen at all or something which is very unlikely to happen and when it happens it gives you immense happiness. The unexpected things give you the … More Never expect

Tit for tat

Tit for tat is the best reply to some people who use, insult, mock and betray you. This world is full of selfish, jealous and cheaters who keep trying to pull you down and desperately want you to fail. They keep insulting and mocking you. Most of the times it’s better to keep silent in … More Tit for tat