Never expect

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Never expect anything from anyone. Expectation causes disappointment. When you expect something to happen and that thing didn’t happen, you become disappointed, but when you don’t expect something to happen at all or something which is very unlikely to happen and when it happens it gives you immense happiness. The unexpected things give you the most happiness. I am sure you have experienced it.

When you expect things to happen, you keep waiting for them. It drains your energy and time. Expectation is a killer. Expectations kill you second by second and day by day. If you are waiting for someone to come, you leave your work and your focus shift on his arrival. It wastes your time and creates unnecessary anxiety. It makes you impatient.

If you expect someone to accompany you for something to be done or somewhere to go and he doesn’t come or refuse to come, you feel disappointed because you start hoping and when your hope doesn’t fulfill you feel disappointed. Expectations make you dependent on others.

The expectation is like slow poison. It starts slowly dissolving in your veins. It makes you tired and unhappy. It makes you angry when your expectations don’t meet. Expectations drain you mentally and physically.

Expectation breaks your heart. Stop expecting anything from anyone. When you stop expecting, you become free from the burden of disappointment and you can focus on things which you want to do. The more you expect the more you will be disappointed.

Never expect anything from anyone.

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