Food and its wastage

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Food is one of the basic necessities of life. People work day and night to feed their families. It is the food which makes a person to do good and bad work. A person can go to any extent for food so that he can feed himself and his family. Always respect food. Never waste and disrespect food because there are billions of people in the world who sleep empty stomach every day because they don’t have any food to eat. You must always be grateful that you have food to eat while many people don’t have any.

Food must not be wasted at all. Wastage of food is a very big issue. We all waste food in some way. We fill our plates more than our appetite and then we leave food and it goes in the dustbin. This is not good at all. There is an immense hard work and efforts are behind the food we eat. Farmers put their sweat and blood for every grain. They work day and night to grow crops and then we get food on our plate. Always think of this before wasting any food.

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There is always some food left in weddings, birthdays, parties or any other functions. You can give leftover food to underprivileged and homeless people. If you can’t do it on your own, you can give food to some NGO which can provide it to them. You can give leftover food to people who work in your home or office. At weddings, birthdays, parties or any other functions, don’t take food more than what you can’t eat.

Food which you dump in dustbin can be leftover food for you, but for someone else it can be a whole meal.

Before wasting food, always remember billions of people sleep empty stomach every day.

3 thoughts on “Food and its wastage

  1. Awesome post. Excess and scarcity is there for everything these days. We need more ways for the excess to be delivered where there is scarcity.


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