How to write a blog

Who writes a blog? Anyone can write a blog, but, in my opinion, mostly introverts write a blog because they can’t tell anyone about their feelings. Some write to make money, some write because of their passion for writing while most people write to express their views, life experiences and feelings. A blog is a … More How to write a blog


Swearing is bad. Nowadays youth has misconception in their mind is that swearing is normal and they are looking very cool. Swearing is not cool at all. It repels people. People try to avoid you if you swear. The very moment you utter a cuss word, it creates a negative impression of you on others. … More Swearing

Failure, success, decisions and opportunities

Success and failure are part of life. There are many reasons behind the success and failure of a person. Sometimes you see a person who is talented and hardworking but doesn’t succeed in life while a person who is not talented and hardworking succeed in life. An intelligent person becomes unsuccessful while an average or … More Failure, success, decisions and opportunities

Being introvert

I am an introvert and I am fine about it because everyone can’t be the same. I like to be alone. I am shy. I talk less. I don’t open up with everyone. I share my feelings with only those whom I can trust. I don’t like crowds. I don’t feel comfortable in crowds. People … More Being introvert


I have always been fascinated by the windows. Windows attract me. A window is not just a physical part of a house for me, it is more than that to me. I always like to sit on the window. In my childhood, I used to sit on the window to peek outside what is happening … More Window