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I have always been fascinated by the windows. Windows attract me. A window is not just a physical part of a house for me, it is more than that to me. I always like to sit on the window. In my childhood, I used to sit on the window to peek outside what is happening outside. I used to feel the breeze in cloudy weather. I also enjoyed rainy season by looking outside the window. I get lost somewhere when I watch the rain through the window.

I used to sit on the window when I felt sad. I used to look outside and compare my life with people roaming outside. I used to introspect myself at the window. I used to question myself, am I more or less happy and privileged than them? Even now when I sit on the window and see children playing outside, I lost in my childhood.

For most of the people, the window is just a place to get fresh air and light, but for me window is a window to see in the life of other people. Window not only bring fresh air and light in the house, but it also brings positive energy for you.

I love windows.

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