Failure, success, decisions and opportunities

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Success and failure are part of life. There are many reasons behind the success and failure of a person. Sometimes you see a person who is talented and hardworking but doesn’t succeed in life while a person who is not talented and hardworking succeed in life. An intelligent person becomes unsuccessful while an average or weak person become successful. You will find many such people around you.

Talent and hard work are necessary for being successful, but decisions and opportunities are more important than talent and hard work. It doesn’t matter how talented and hardworking you are, you can’t succeed until you get the opportunities to prove yourself. Without opportunities all your talent and hard work are useless. To identify and grab an opportunity is also a talent. Decisions also play a crucial role in your life. A right decision at a right time can change your whole life while a wrong decision can ruin your whole life. A single decision can make you successful or unsuccessful.

Failures are inevitable in life. You can’t succeed without failures. Failure teaches you many lessons which helps you in becoming successful. Failure is a friend of yours. Failure reveals people. Failure tells you who is with you and who is not. It tells you who is your real friend and well-wisher and who is not.

Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan. When you become successful, everyone tries to take credit. When you become successful, even those people try to befriend you who once insulted, mocked and criticized you when you were unsuccessful. When you don’t succeed most of the people distance themselves from you. They don’t leave any occasion to insult, mock and criticize you. Failure reveals real faces of people in front of you. Only those who remain with you even when you are unsuccessful are your real friends.

Failure reveals people.

2 thoughts on “Failure, success, decisions and opportunities

  1. Very thoughtful post. Very true ,Failure reveals real faces of people in front of you. Only thosewho remain with you even when you are unsuccessful are your real friends.


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