Swearing is bad. Nowadays youth has misconception in their mind is that swearing is normal and they are looking very cool. Swearing is not cool at all. It repels people. People try to avoid you if you swear. The very moment you utter a cuss word, it creates a negative impression of you on others. When you swear it raises a question about your upbringing and when your upbringing is questioned, it questions your parents. People think that your parents haven’t taught you any manners which I don’t think anyone will like. Nowadays youth swears F-word which they think that they are looking very cool and there is some swag in it, but let me tell you, you are looking stupid in front of others. You are just trying to gain attention of others by imitating the language of movies and series but when you imitate something you lose your originality.

When you start abusing person in front of you, it means you are losing in argument. It shows that you lack argument and facts to counter that argument of the person. Only a weak person who can’t win in an argument use cuss words. If you really want to defeat a person in an argument, defeat him with strong argument and facts not by abusing. Swearing directly raises a question over your character. Swearing is a sign of weakness.

Only a weak person swears.

One thought on “Swearing

  1. I appreciate and agree with your point of you but not in totality for there are instances when even a calm, composed and dignified person would swear as it becomes the need of the hour or necessary to convey certain feelings of disgust and to vent out a degree of aggression lest he/she does some physical harm. That’s another perspective to the situation you highlighted and we can’t shy away from the fact that cuss words and their usage has been an integral part of the society since time immemorial. All the more I have never seen any parent passing on this kind of legacy to their children. It’s the society which is constituted and influenced by us which introduces them to such an atmosphere along with its refined ways. Negative attracts much more easily and strongly than the most positive things in life.


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