How to write a blog

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Who writes a blog? Anyone can write a blog, but, in my opinion, mostly introverts write a blog because they can’t tell anyone about their feelings. Some write to make money, some write because of their passion for writing while most people write to express their views, life experiences and feelings. A blog is a better way to vent out your feelings.

If you have an intention of starting a blog, don’t wait for perfection. If you are thinking I will start it when I become an expert writer or when I become fluent in the language, then believe me you won’t be able to start your blog ever. It is not necessary that you write only in English because English is not the only language in the world. You can write in your native or regional language. People keep thinking that when they will become perfect, then they start a blog, but that day never comes because a thing like perfection doesn’t exist. There is always a scope of becoming better. Start with imperfection. Don’t worry about people because no one is perfect.

When I write a blog, I don’t read anything about the same thing just before I write because it influences your writing. When you read someone else blog before writing you get influenced by their thinking, perspective. You start to think like them. Your own thoughts and feelings get lost in this.

Don’t write a blog for likes. Who doesn’t like appreciation? Almost everyone likes appreciation and likes to be admired, but when you start writing for likes you motive for writing changes. You start to think from the point of view of people. You start to present things in the way that people like instead of presenting it according to you. You start to think that whether someone will like it or not, whether I should write it or not and how people will judge you. You shouldn’t worry about what will people think. People going to judge anyway, so don’t worry about it.

A point comes in a blogger’s life when he or she asks himself or herself that why I am writing. It happens, especially in the initial period after starting a blog. He or she asks himself or herself that why I am writing if no one is reading it. Let me tell you if you are not writing for money, then there is nothing to be worried about. Be happy that what was in your mind you have just told about it to the world. What you have kept in your mind for so long you have just expressed it. Things which were making you uncomfortable, you have just set them free. Keep writing.

Just vent out your feelings and experiences.

3 thoughts on “How to write a blog

  1. I agree with you. I also don’t read others’ work before I start working on mine. I see to it that all my ideas are coming from my own. I just research for some factual information that I need to include or I need to be verified.


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