This world is not for good people

Feeling heartbroken! I am sad. I can’t explain how I am feeling right now. New Zealand lost the cricket world cup final just because an absurd and unfair rule of ICC (International Cricket Council). They play hard and fair, but luck didn’t support them. After India, the team which I like the most is New Zealand. I have never seen any player of New Zealand abusing and sledging players of other teams. They are the most humble and dignified players I have ever seen. I have not seen any player of New Zealand cheating. Whether they are losing or winning, they always play fair. No team can match them in behavior. I have a huge respect for the New Zealand team.

I am feeling very bad for New Zealand, its players and Kane Williamson. What a brilliant person Kane Williamson is. He remained calm in tough situations. He didn’t lose his cool even after many unfair decisions and defeat of New Zealand.

Had umpires given 5 runs instead of 6 runs for overthrow that got deflected with the bat of Ben Stokes, New Zealand would have won the match by 1 run. But due to this blunder, New Zealand lost.

How can you decide a world cup winner using an absurd rule ‘Who scored more boundaries?’? There must be another super over if the ICC had to choose one winner. A winner can’t be chosen only by a rule. New Zealand played better than England, but even luck doesn’t support to good people. But for me, New Zealand is and will remain the world cup winner. 

I think that this world is not for good people. Again, and again, I have experienced in life. There is no God exists. This world seems unfair to me. This life seems cruel to me. Undeserving people always win and deserving people always lose.

I give you another example. Irom Sharmila who is called ‘Iron Lady’ fought for people for 16 years against AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Power Act) in Manipur, a state in India. AFSPA is a law which grants security forces the power to search properties without a warrant, and to arrest people, and to use deadly force if there is “reasonable suspicion” that a person is acting against the state. There are reports of misusing this law. Irom Sharmila started fasting to protest against AFSPA. She refused to eat and drink. She didn’t eat and drink for 16 years. She was forced to eat and drink through nose using ‘Nasogastric Intubation’ to keep her alive. This is called ‘World’s longest hunger strike’. She decided to end her hunger strike after 16 years on 9 August, 2016. She decided to contest in Manipur state assembly election, but you will be more shocked to know that she got only 90 votes in the election. The people for whom she sacrificed her life and fought for 16 years gave her only 90 votes. People for whom she fought betrayed her.

Even if you look around you, you will see many good people, but they don’t get what they deserve.

How can you expect me to call this world fair then? How can you expect me to believe in God then? This is why I think that this world is not for good people.

I have lost faith in this bloody God.

7 thoughts on “This world is not for good people

  1. I think that relying on god to achieve anything is foolish, if there is a god I am sure she is busy doing other things. Sport is sport it was a close match, if you work hard and are good to people karma spreads. I am not sure a cricket match should make you loose faith in humanity. We are sheep, we follow and follow and make mistakes. Animals are the same. I don’t know why people expect so much from others. Do good people suffer yes, do selfish people achieve things that we deem unfair or course. You can do good things and expect everyone to do the same. You should just do good things because you want to be good.
    Being good has nothing to do with god it is to do with you.

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  2. You might be searching for the meaning of life. but It’s a world where your feelings will get hurt often. And you will start losing hope in universal justice.. you will start to ask if the God is playing dice? slowly you will realize that nothing matters ultimately and there is randomness everywhere. .. and from there you might again search to find the meaning of nothingness and feel you are everything and nothing, you have everyone and no one, you are everywhere and nowhere… from this state, what could be the next…I Donno actually… I am also exploring… (actually a bit afraid that if I confused you further)

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  3. It’s certainly an emotional issue so let me remain out of it. Except the fact that they tried their best and that is the spirit of sports and games. So sir don’t be disappointed perhaps they have learnt a great lesson which will take the Kiwis to a greater heights in other forthcoming matches. What do you say about it?


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