Why bloggers shouldn’t decline award nominations

In this blog, I will explain why any blogger shouldn’t decline to write about their award nomination. If you are an experienced blogger and has been writing for many years, you definitely know about different blogger award nominations. These different award nominations help in making your blog popular and establishing your blog identity. It brings more recognition for you and your blog. It also shows that people appreciate your blog. If you are nominated for any award, you must respect it.

Many bloggers who have been writing for many years and have already got many award nominations decline to do award nominations because of various reasons. It may be because they think why they do need award nominations as their blog is already popular. Some think that these award nominations are waste of time. Some don’t do award posts because they don’t want to tell anything about them to others. Some bloggers don’t do this because these nominations keep coming to them. If multiple award nominations for same award come at the same time, you can reply in one post, this will save your time. Everyone can have his reasons and everyone has his choice. No one can force anyone to do these award nominations. It is completely optional.

In the beginning of blogging it is very difficult to make your blog popular. It becomes more difficult if you have a free plan because in this plan you have very little liberty to optimize your blog for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You must help such bloggers by nominating them to get some recognition in the initial phase of blogging.

Even if you already have many award nominations, you can do it to help other bloggers, especially those bloggers who have just started. You can also help those who have been writing for many years and also write very well, but haven’t got any recognition which they definitely deserve. You can be helping hand for them to help them get recognition. These award nominations are your power to help other bloggers. Use this power, don’t waste it.

Help other bloggers.

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