Travelling alone

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Have you ever travelled alone? There is a bliss in travelling alone. There is a sense of freedom in travelling alone. You feel free. You feel independent. It teaches you to take decisions alone. It improves your decision-making abilities. You get the chance of handling things on your own. When you interact with people belonging to a different culture and background, you get the chance of knowing more about people and their lives.

Travelling alone gives you the time to introspect yourself. You can think of yourself and your life. During travelling you have to deal with different types of people and circumstances. Travelling alone helps you in discovering yourself. It reveals your hidden qualities. It tells you about your character. It tells you how patient you are and how you treat other people. It tells you how kind you are. It teaches you to take care yourself.

Travelling alone and life has similarities. In both you have to walk alone and bear the consequences of good and bad things alone. Both made you independent and brave. Both teach you to handle people and circumstances. Both teach important lessons.

Travelling alone is a bliss.

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