Never say never

Never say never. Never say that it can’t happen to me. Never say that I will never do this or that in my life. Believe me, life has strange ways to prove you wrong.

Life is in no obligation to be according to you, you have to act according to life. Life is the master and you are a slave. You don’t know what will be the circumstances and what type of people you will have to face in life. You can’t be arrogant in front of life. If you say I will never do this particular thing in my life, trust me, you will have to do that thing in your life.

I am not telling you to compromise with your principles or settling for less than what you deserve. You must always fight for your principles and what you deserve. I am saying not to be arrogant and over confident in your life. Life doesn’t tolerate our arrogance. Sometimes you have to do something for which you once said ‘I will never do this in my life’. Sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do at all.

Never say never because you change, your thinking change, people change, relationships change, circumstances change and life changes with time. You never know what you will have to do in the future because the future is uncertain.

Never say never because life is cruel.

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