Right to reject and right to recall

I have decided not to vote in any elections from now onward until ‘Right to reject’ and ‘Right to recall’ is implemented in India. Why have I decided not to vote? Because I don’t want to waste my vote and time on politicians who don’t want to work. After being elected most of the politicians just forgets people. They enjoy power and privileges. They enjoy a lavish life. They get many benefits, freebies, and allowances besides salary. Many of them don’t even go once to their constituency after winning the election. They don’t do any work during their term. I am not saying all the politicians are bad. Few politicians are good also who work for people, but such politicians are very rare and you can count them on the fingers.

The election has now become the process of choosing bad from the worst while it should be the process of choosing good people. In other words, you can say the election has now become a process of choosing the least bad candidate. People are helpless to elect a bad politician from the pool of many worst politicians. It is the story of almost every country in the world.

Let me explain what is right to reject and right to recall.

If more than 50 percent of the people don’t like any of the candidates contesting in the election, they have the right to reject all the present candidates. Now political parties have to field all new candidates for re-election. This is called ‘Right to reject’.

If an elected politician doesn’t work for people and the constituency and if more than 50 percent people are not satisfied with his work, people have the right to recall such a politician before the end of his term. This is called ‘Right to recall’.

At present, people can show their discontent by pressing NOTA (None of the Above) button on the voting machine if they don’t like any of the present candidates. Presently, if NOTA gets maximum votes, the candidate who gets the maximum votes after NOTA wins the election. There must a re-election with new candidates if NOTA gets maximum votes. Only then there is a significance of NOTA otherwise it is not more than a useless button on the voting machine which doesn’t bring any change.

So why the right to reject and right to call is necessary. It is because these rights will bring accountability in politicians. Presently, there is no accountability of politicians. They don’t work and listen to people. It will prevent political parties to field candidates with corruption charges and criminal records against them because political parties will have a fear that such candidates will be rejected or recalled by people. Presently, candidates with cases of serious crimes like murder, rape, kidnapping, communal violence, etc. against them get elected. Can you expect such politicians will work for you? Can you feel yourself and country safe when such people become lawmakers?

These politicians fool people by promising big promises in their manifestos, but do nothing to fulfill their promises. Manifestos prove to be just a piece of paper only. Everything from the manifesto which is good for the nation must be fulfilled by the party in power.

Let me ask you a question. If you are selected for a job and on the first day you tell your boss that you won’t come for 5 years and don’t do any work, despite all you want a salary and other benefits. What will be the response of your boss? He will kick you out at the very moment. Why doesn’t it apply to a politician who doesn’t do any work in his term, but gets all the power, privileges and benefits? Think about it. People are the boss and these politicians are employees of the people.

If you are thinking why should you care let me give you a reason for it. It is your money, which is used for giving all the salaries and other benefits to politicians. It is taxpayers’ money because of which they live a lavish life. Regardless of the country, you are living in, you must demand implementation of the right to reject and right to recall in your country accountability, transparency, and fairness.

Right to reject and right to recall is the need of the hour.

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