Objectification of women

Everywhere women are being represented as an object. Women are presented as an object in movies, shows, music videos, advertisements, newspapers, magazines, posters, etc. In Indian movies, especially in Bollywood movies, many filmmakers use women in item songs to attract people and mostly such item songs are vulgar. Women aren’t not only used as an object in India, but also everywhere in the world.

I have seen many advertisements which are not related to women at all, even then women are used as an object in them. I don’t know what is the significance of women in men’s undergarment advertisements. I don’t know what women do in men’s shaving cream advertisement. I have seen many advertisements where the employer mentions that they need only a female for receptionist. Why can’t a man be a receptionist? The reason is that women are used as an object to attract people in such places.

People just use women to make money for themselves. Women have become a money making machine for people and companies. For such people and companies, women are just an object. Can men only be blamed for the objectification of women? No, women are also responsible for it. Some women do such things because of their helplessness while some do willingly, but those women who do such things willingly for making money and living life comfortably creates a problem for other women. The objectification of women can be stopped only if women don’t let others use them as an object. To all the women, I just want to say, you are not mere an object, raise your voice and oppose it. Don’t be an object, you are more than that.

Don’t be an object.

10 thoughts on “Objectification of women

  1. There is something fundamentally wrong with society. People watch such ads, producers make them and women do it voluntarily or not. It is difficult to change that cycle.


  2. This is something that one person can’t change. Majority of people used to watch such kind of opportunity. People mind is designed to accept products only when a women is involved in the ad. Cant understand why an LED light cant be sold by men. They think men are not worth for marketing products except fashion industry. But this is indeed a good thought shared✨👍✍️ Well written✨


  3. I’m so glad there are men like you; those who oppose and object, women objectification. We need to stop doing that and come together because humans aren’t objects! Thankyou for sharing


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