Eve teasing and safety tips for women and girls

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Almost every girl and woman face eve teasing once in her life. Every day many girls and women have to go through this physical and mental harassment.  They have to face it everywhere, in their way to home, school, college, market, office, etc. and in cab, taxi, auto, bus, train, etc. It is a bitter truth that no place has remained safe for girls and women.

What is eve teasing? Passing lewd and vulgar comments, teasing with vulgar gestures, teasing with double meaning talk or song, stalking, intentionally touching inappropriately, etc. all come in the category of eve teasing.

There are many reasons behind eve teasing. Degrading moral values, influence of movies and internet, lack of strict law, poor implementation of existing laws, non-seriousness and insensitivity of government and police, etc. Girls and women are also responsible for it. You keep tolerating such behavior and don’t oppose it. If you oppose it very first time when such thing happens, these perverts will think twice before doing such things again. Your fear is encouragement for such perverts. Your weakness is their strength. Just nip in the bud such perverts and behavior.

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Safety tips for women and girls

These safety tips may seem small but these safety tips can help you in protecting yourself and even can save your life in case of any emergency and danger.

First thing first, inform the police

If such thing happens, first inform the police. Inform your parents, siblings and spouse. Don’t keep tolerating it. Don’t keep it inside. Raise your voice against such perverts and this type of behavior.

Shout loudly

If someone is teasing you or stalking you, just shout loudly. You can intimidate them by shouting loud. It will embarrass them also. You will gain people’s attention and it may possible that someone come forward to help or protect you. Even if someone doesn’t help you, it may be possible that the police or some security person may come if they are near you.

Emergency and escape plan

You must always have an emergency and escape plan in your mind. Every girl and women must be very clear about what to do in an emergency and how to escape from such a situation. God forbid what you will do if someone try to rape, attack or kidnap you. You should know the answers to these questions. You should be well prepared in advance. You can’t think that such thing can’t happen to me or I will handle it when such incident happens.

Memorize phone numbers of parents, siblings, spouse and friends

You must memorize at least 5 phone numbers. You must remember phone numbers of your parents, siblings, spouse and friends. Don’t depend on mobile phones. You might lose your phone, the phone might be discharged, the network might not available, etc. If you remember few phone numbers you can call from anywhere.

Memorize police and emergency helpline numbers

You must also memorize phone numbers of police and emergency helpline services so that you can call them in case of any emergency and dangerous situation. Once again, don’t depend on mobile and internet for phone numbers.

Learn some self defense techniques

Try to learn some self defense techniques. In present time, it is very necessary for girls and women to learn some self defense techniques. Join some self defense class. If you can’t then learn it online. There are many videos are available online for learning self defense techniques. If not all, try to learn at least 5 moves. You never know when these self defense moves come in handy.

Always keep a pen with you

Always carry a pen with you. This is the simplest way to protect yourself. You will be wondering how a pen can protect you. The pen is a pointed thing which can protect from any attack. You can’t carry a knife or a gun, but you can always carry a pen everywhere. You must keep at least 2-3 pens with you. Keep the pen without a cap because in an emergency every second is very important. Attack with pen on sensitive parts of the attacker.

Use whatever you can use for your safety

In case of any emergency, use whatever you can for your safety. Use your nails, safety pin, hairpin, sandal, heels, etc. Use your accessories as weapons. You may have something in your purse, which you can use for your protection. You can use keys, water bottle and lunch box to protect yourself. Use anything that you can find near you, it may be soil, stones, bricks, wood sticks or anything else. Attack on sensitive parts like eyes, nose, groin, etc. You can carry pepper spray or chili spray. These things may give you enough time to escape, though, in some places or countries such things are banned.

Know your current location

This is very important. If you can tell your dear ones or police about your current location, it will be very helpful to track you. If you don’t know about the current location, you can tell them about nearby locations like shops, malls, etc. There are many free and paid mobile applications which you can use to let you know your dear ones about your current location and to send them alert.

Note down vehicle numbers

If you are travelling alone, always note down vehicle numbers of cab, car, taxi, auto and bus and send it to your dear ones so that in case of any emergency, it may be helpful to track you.

Be calm and don’t panic

Yes, it is very hard to remain calm in such situation but you shouldn’t panic in such situation. If you panic you will not able to think and take decisions. So, it is very necessary to remain clam in such situations, then only you can make a right decision.

Be intelligent

If there is one or two people, you may handle them physically, but what if there are more people. If there are more people you can’t fight them alone. This is where your intelligence come into play. You should know when to fight and when to walk away from such situation. Be intelligent.

Be alert and proactive all the time

Always be alert and proactive in public places. Your alertness and pro activeness may save you from forthcoming danger. Many girls and women don’t pay attention to what is happening around. They remain busy in their mobiles or listening music. You must always keep an eye on what is happening around you. If you feel something or someone suspicious, you can protect yourself by remaining alert and proactive. Sometimes your little alertness may save you from big trouble.

Don’t depend on others, you can protect yourself. If women can do anything, then women can protect themselves also.

You can also share your views in the comments. If you want to give some safety tips for women and girls which they can use it easily, you are welcomed.

Be alert. Be proactive. Be intelligent. Be brave. Be safe.

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