Parents, children and partiality

Everyone likes to be treated the same. No one likes partiality. Though, parents love their children more than anything else but intentionally or unintentionally parents also do partiality with their children. Accept it or not, they have their favorites among their children. They like one child more than the other ones. Both father and mother may incline towards one child or they have their own favorites. Usually, it is seen that the mother is more inclined towards the son and the father is more inclined towards the daughter, but it is not necessary that it always holds true.

There can be different reasons for this partiality. May be one child is more obeying, mannerly, respectful or intelligent than other children. Due to these qualities, parents also love one child in comparison to other children.

Gender is another reason for partiality. In some places, birth of a girl is considered a curse even now. They take a girl as a burden because they think that they have to spend money for arranging dowry for her marriage. They think that it is wastage of money to educate girls because after all a girl has to do household chores only and she will go to another house after marriage. They don’t understand that a girl is no less than a boy.

There’s another aspect of partiality on the basis of gender. Sometimes, parents love a girl more than a boy and sometimes they love a boy more than a girl. They fulfill all demands of one child, but don’t treat the other children same. They fulfill biggest demands of one child, but don’t fulfill even the smallest demand of other children. One child keeps asking for something, but they don’t listen to him or her while another child gets everything without even asking. These things may appear small to parents, but these are not small things actually. Children always remember these things. This partiality affects a child badly. It affects him or her mentally, physically and emotionally. This partiality makes children angry and disobeying. Sometimes, children forget their path and even starts committing crimes because of this partiality. The partial behavior of parents remains in a child’s mind forever. He or she won’t forget ever how you treated him or her in his or her childhood. Never do partiality with your children, treat them equally.

Treat your children equally.

12 thoughts on “Parents, children and partiality

  1. All this come out in one core reason “the money” the gender based. May be i live around in such community i see very less of such people. But i still know people are there…. Society must change…


  2. This partiality have a great impact on children . They learn through observation . … so they are teaching them how to love n care n when they do the same parents gt offended!!


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