What parents must teach to their children

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Being parents, you always want the best for your children. You want them to become a good person. You want them to be happy and successful in life. There are few things that every parent must teach their children because things that a child learn in his childhood remain with him lifelong.

Moral values

Moral values are the most important things which must be taught to children. Moral values help in making a child a good human being. Moral values like respecting elders and other people, speaking truth, compassion, honesty, forgiveness, etc. builds a character of a child.

Respect of women

It is another important thing which must be taught to children. It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children to respect every woman. In this way, children will not treat women inferior and as an object. They won’t discriminate and commit crimes against women. They will treat women with respect and equally.

Teach them about their roots

Parents must teach their children about their roots. Children must know where they belong and which background they are coming from. It makes them a good human being. They become humble and respect everything which come in their way. They learn to respect people. They won’t take anything for granted.

To be independent

Parents love their children and always remain worried about their safety but sometimes this over-protecting nature make children dependent. You don’t let your children do anything. You keep doing things which your children should do. It stops their growth as a person. It will make them dependent on others. They will look for someone to do their work or find someone to accompany them. You should let them do things alone so that they learn how to survive in this world.

Don’t make them addicts of gadgets

Nowadays parents themselves remain busy in their mobiles. They have no time for their children. Instead of giving their time, they make their children addict of mobile. I have seen many parents who put mobile in front of children to stop them from crying or keep them engaged, but they don’t know how harmful it is for children. They don’t know how harmful blue light of mobile for delicate eyes of babies. They don’t know how harmful loud noise of mobile, tablet, computer or any other gadget for the ears of kids. Parents are blocking the growth of children by making them addicts of gadgets. It affects children physically and mentally. Children must be encouraged to play sports and do physical activities instead of making them slaves of gadgets.

Don’t fulfill their every demand

Parents shouldn’t fulfill every demand of their children. Children become more demanding and stubborn if you fulfill all the demands of children. It can mislead children also and make them do anything to fulfill their demands.

Don’t do what you don’t want your children to do

Parents are the first teacher of a child. Don’t do anything which you don’t want your children do. Children learn from their parents. They try to imitate everything you do so don’t do anything immoral and illegal.

Give your children values rather than money.

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