Blogging tips for poets and writers

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There many bloggers who write poems and verses, but unaware of few things which may be helpful for them. Let’s get started.

1. Enable excerpts for poems and verses

Excerpts are very useful, especially for bloggers who writes poems and verses. I have seen most of the bloggers who write poems and verses don’t use excerpts but I recommend you to use it. When you write such stuff, your post looks very odd. Click here to know how to enable the excerpts for your posts.

2. Don’t show your full post

This is common mistake bloggers make when they write poems and verses. They don’t use excerpt due to which their full post remains visible on the blog and homepage. It may decrease blog traffic because many visitors just read from outside and doesn’t visit your post. Use first 2-3 lines as an excerpt from poems and verses so visitors have to visit the post to read your full poem and verses.

3. Break lines in excerpts

Many bloggers don’t know how to break lines in excerpts. For example

In this beautiful world

I want to fly

Above two lines are lines of my poem and I want to break them for excerpt. First copy these two lines and paste in excerpt box. To break them in two lines you have to put an HTML tag <br> at the end of the first line.

Now it will look like this in your excerpt box

In this beautiful world<br>

I want to fly

In this way people will see only these two lines when they see your post. They have to visit your post to read the whole poem. They won’t be able to like it without reading it.

3. Write content without a blank line between two lines

Sometimes, bloggers especially who writes poems and verses don’t want a blank line between two lines, but they don’t know how to do it. When you press Enter key on your keyboard, it creates a new block in WordPress but if you don’t want a blank line between two lines press Enter with Shift key together after the line you don’t want a blank line. In this way two lines will remain in the same block.

Let’s take the previous example

In this beautiful world

I want to fly

Press Enter and Shift key together after first line and now you can type the second line. Now these two lines will appear like this

In this beautiful world
I want to fly

4. Keep your poem and verses left aligned

When you center aligned your poem and verses, sometimes the long lines don’t appear completely on small screens like mobile. Visitors have to scroll left and right to see the complete line.

Feel free to ask if you have any queries.

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