Mistakes bloggers make

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In this post, I will tell you about mistakes that bloggers make. These mistakes might appear small but it can hugely affect your blog and visitors.

1. Not using excerpts for posts

The excerpt is a summary of your blog with a link. It helps in decreasing your website loading time. By default, WordPress shows full posts on homepage, blog page and archive pages. It makes your blog slower. If you are using full posts, search engines think that it is duplicate content so use excerpt for your posts. Use a theme which supports excerpts. There are two types of excerpts, automatic and custom. Automatic excerpt creates summary with the first 55 words while in custom excerpts you have to create an excerpt manually.

Steps to enable automatic excerpts

1. Login to your wordpress.com account

2. Go to My Site

3. Expand Design and click Customize

4. Click Content Options

5. If your theme supports excerpts, you will see Blog Display. Enable Post excerpt radio button to enable excerpts.

You can also create custom excerpts. When you write your posts, you will see an excerpt tab, when you expand it, you will see a box in which you can write your excerpt. Just copy text that you want to create as excerpt from your blog and paste it in that box.

2. Using images unnecessarily

It is true that images make your posts attractive and appealing, but it has disadvantages also. If you use images unnecessarily your blog will become slow and takes time to load. Unless you have a photography blog, food blog, travel blog or any other blog in which photographs play important role, you must not use images unnecessarily. Suppose you are writing about truth which is an abstract idea and it is hard to find a photo relating to it, so don’t try to use a random photo just to make it attractive. Let the post remain without a photo if you don’t find any photo relating to it. Sometimes we just add a photo which add no value to our post, it makes your website slow only. Sometimes a wrong image may discourage visitors to like your post, so, use images wisely in your posts.

3. Not using alternative text for images

Alternative text helps visually impaired people to know about the image. It’s a description of an image. By reading alternative text they know what is in the image. Alternative text is also helpful in case the link to an image is broken or changed or your site doesn’t load properly, it tells visitors that what the image is about. If you use alternative text for images it can help in ranking your website higher because search engines rank such websites higher which uses alternative text for images. Always use alternative text for images.

4. Using GIFs unnecessarily

GIFs make your blog slow. Sometimes the website crashes when a visitor visits your site because of too many GIFs used in posts so use GIFs wisely.

5. Posting post without proofreading

Proofreading means find errors in your content. Proofreading helps in finding grammatical, spelling, punctuation mistakes in your content. We shouldn’t post our content without doing proofreading because of silly mistakes, your content looks unprofessional. There are many free and paid proofreading software, but, in my opinion, Grammarly and Ginger are far better than any other proofreading software. They have approx. 90% accuracy. You shouldn’t rely fully on them because after all they are software. Sometimes, they don’t understand in which context you are saying certain things. Proofread your content before posting it to make it professional and reliable.

6. Writing in capital letters

This is the worst any blogger can do. Writing content in capital letters makes your content hard to read. It looks very odd and it is quite irritating to your visitors. Don’t write all your content in capital letters. Even if you want to highlight something, use capital letters in a wise and limited way.

7. Using very small or large text size

Don’t use very small text size for writing your content as such content is very hard to read and it irritates visitors. Don’t use very large text size also because it looks very odd and it makes your post long. On small screen like mobile it becomes hard to read such content.

8. Using justify for text alignment

Many bloggers use justify to align text to make their content look good, but sometimes it creates uneven spaces between words which looks very odd and unprofessional. I recommend you to use left alignment for the text.

9. Using mismatching background and text color

I have seen many blogs where bloggers mismatching background and text color which makes it hard to read the content. Always use contrasting colors for background and text color. If you are using a dark background, use a light color to make your content look good and readable. Don’t use dark colors like black as background color. Don’t use too many text colors.

10. Not using tags

Many bloggers don’t use tags. Tags helps other people to find your blog and posts. These tags make your blog and posts visible to others so always use tags. Use tags but don’t overuse it. Don’t use too much tags. Don’t use tags which are not related to your post. Though there is no restriction on using tags but I will recommend not to use more than 10 tags per post.

11. Not using categories

You should always use categories because it helps visitors to find what they want to read. Categories also helps you in organizing your content. Try to avoid using uncategorized category it makes no sense.

12. Forget to change the permanent link after making changes in the title of your post

Sometimes after posting a post you realize that title is not looking good so you change the title, but you forget to change the permanent link of the post, so when a visitor visit that post he doesn’t find anything because the link has broken and address of the post has changed now. So always change your URL slug when you make changes to the title of your post.

To change the URL slug just erase the URL slug after making changes to the title of the post, URL slug will automatically change and a new permanent link will be created.

13. Not giving appropriate title for the post

Many bloggers give titles like thought 1, thought 2 or poem 1, poem 2, etc. for their posts which is very bad habit. This type of titles repels people and discourage them to read your posts because they don’t what your post is about. You should always give an appropriate title to your post because it gives visitors information about your post. It tells them what your post is all about.

Feel free to ask if you have any queries. Thank you.

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