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Sisters are the best. Sister is like a second mother. She always takes care of her siblings. Whether she is younger or elder than you, she always behaves like an elder sister with more love & responsibility. In women, it comes naturally. There is always a special bond between siblings. If you are brother and sister, the fights are certain. Even on the smallest things, you keep fighting with each other. There are always differences in opinion and choices. It is rare that you agree with each other on something. Sometimes, there are big fights and you stop talking to each other, but after sometime you start talking to each other because you can’t live without each other. You don’t like if she gives more attention to someone else except you. You are always protective of her. You always want the best for her.

And one day you realize that she won’t be any more with you. After getting married, she will move to another place with someone else. Now, you are left with her memories only. You are happy that she has now new family to take care of her, but at the same time you are also sad that she is not with you anymore. You may think that you won’t be her priority anymore and she will treat you differently now, but it is not true, she will always care for you as she always did. A brother might forget her sister, but a sister never forgets his brother.

Sisters are the best.

11 thoughts on “Sister

  1. Nice post. I sometimes miss having a sister – be it elder or younger. The gossips, fights, laughing out loud , wearing each other’s costumes and then fighting over it can be done only with them! 😀


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