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This world is full of paradoxes. In everyday life we can see such paradoxes. Life is very tough for some people while it is easy for some people. Some people live lavish life while some people keep struggling for even basic needs throughout their life. Life seems to me very unfair.

To have a home of your own is a very big thing. Some people have luxurious homes and multiple homes while some have not a single place to live in. Some sleep on soft beds while some sleep on footpaths, under bridges, etc. Some enjoy rains from their windows and balconies while some have to struggle to find a place to protect themselves and their things.

Water is one of the most important things in life. Water is so important in life that we can’t imagine life without it. Some people get it so easily that they don’t value it. They waste water in many things. I have seen many people who leave water in packaged water bottles and throw them away. They don’t understand the importance of water because it is easily accessible to them, but for some people it is invaluable. They have to cover miles to get it, not one day, it is their everyday routine. Some risks their lives to get water. They go down in deep wells and inaccessible place without any safety precaution to get water. Some have to drink dirty water because they have no clean water to drink. So next time when you waste water, think about them.

Like water, food is an essential part of our life. We can’t live without it. Some people enjoy lavish meals while some have to pick leftover and stale food from dustbins, garbage, roadsides and railway tracks to feed themselves and their family. It’s heartbreaking to see such things. In weddings, birthdays and any other function so much food is wasted that can be used to feed many needy people. Always take that much food which you can eat, don’t leave food in plates. In India itself, about 190 million people sleep empty stomach everyday so think about it when next time you throw food in dustbin.

Education is one thing which can change the life of anyone. Some children and students don’t study despite having all the facilities while some children want to study, but they can’t due to poverty or lack of money. Some children get the luxury of studying big universities, colleges and schools, while some study under a tree, footpath or any other place. Some children have to study in candle or lantern light or under street lights because they have no electricity. Some have to go miles to study. So next time when you skip school or college, think about the many children who want to study but can’t go to school or college because they can’t afford it. 

Can you think of your life without electricity? You are so used to it that now you can’t live without it. Lights, fans, ACs, mobile phones, computer, etc. need electricity to run. A few hours of power cut start to bother us, but think about them who have no electricity. Some people don’t bother to switch off lights, fans, etc. when they don’t use it while some people spend their day and night without electricity. In some places like India, farmers have to wait for electricity to get their work done. So next time when you leave lights, fans, etc. switched on, think about people who are still living in the darkness.

When I see children begging, people eating food from garbage, homeless people, people struggling to fulfill even basic needs, etc. makes me sad.

Life is unfair.

7 thoughts on “Paradox

  1. Indeed! This is a common issue. And what can we do about it? Save water, save food. Do business with people who are really poor. Stop doing business with same rich fellas and making them richer. Lets pledge to stop that. And make the world a better place✨😉


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