How to increase number of levels of threaded comments in WordPress

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Comments are a very important part of your blog. It allows you to interact with your followers and other people. Sometimes you want to reply more than once in a long conversation but you don’t find a reply button because by default, threaded (nested) comments are enabled for only 3 levels in WordPress. To increase the number of levels in threaded (nested) comments, follow following steps.

1. Go to MySite

2. Expand Manage tab and click Settings

3. Click on Discussion tab

4. Under Comments section, you will see Enable threaded (nested) comments. By default, it is enabled for only 3 levels.

5. If it is not enabled, first enable it by sliding the button to the right side. The color of button will change from grey to blue.

6. Now click on the drop-down list and choose any number according to your requirements. I will recommend you to choose 10 levels so you don’t need to change it again and again in case you have a long conversation with someone.

7. After increasing the number of levels, click Save Settings at the right corner. If you don’t Save Settings, change in number of levels won’t reflect so don’t forget to click Save Settings.

Feel free to ask anything in case you have any query. Thank you.

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