What I don’t like about bloggers

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Let me first ask you a question. Assume, you have got an award for a book which you have written. The award is given on the basis of the number of ratings which people have given to the book. How would you feel if you come to know that only few people have actually read the book and most of the people just give ratings without actually reading the book? The book in which you have invested your precious time and put a lot of hard work. The book which you have written with so much passion in a hope that people will read it but actually most of the people didn’t read it. How will you feel? You feel betrayed. This is the way I feel when someone like my post without reading it. I feel betrayed when someone blindly like my post without reading it and I am sure most of the people feel this way if they come to know people are blindly liking their posts without reading them. It hurts me.

Some bloggers like your posts just to get a follow back. Some bloggers like a post just because you like his or her post. They do this out of courtesy. They think that if they don’t like your post, you will unfollow them or stop liking their posts but it is not true. A true blogger doesn’t care for these petty things.

I am not saying that you have to prove by commenting on every post that you have read the post. I am saying that if you really like the post, then only comment on it. Comment if you want to say something or express your views. Don’t comment just to please someone, comment only if you really mean it.

Seriously, I have no problem if you don’t want to read my posts. I have no problem if you dislike my post and want to criticize. I have no problem if you want to show your disagreement. But I do have a problem if you like my posts without reading it. I do have a problem if you comment, but don’t mean it.

I myself didn’t like a single post without reading it. If I don’t read a post, I don’t like it. I can’t give a false feedback to someone. I don’t comment on someone’s post only to please him or her, I comment only when I really mean it. I hate to betray people. I remain true and honest to myself and you must be too. This post may seem harsh to many, but I am a straight forward person. This straight forwardness causes a lot of trouble for me in life, but this is the way I am. I say what I feel, I can’t be fake.

If you have no time to read someone’s post, then just don’t like it at all. No one is forcing you to do so. Don’t give false hope to someone. Don’t let someone live in false impression that people like his or her blog. This is the worst you can do to any blogger.

This post is only for those who blindly like posts without reading them not for any true and loyal bloggers.

Don’t like a post, if you don’t read it. Period.

18 thoughts on “What I don’t like about bloggers

  1. Very true this is the problem of many bloggers and I too dislike this thing.
    We bloggers write a post to put an impact on people when they like without reading the post the effort of writing a post becomes useless.
    By the way Great post !!!😊😊


  2. That’s totally true! Working hard, gathering information in order to give our best to our followers and they don’t even give a damn.
    A very informative blog for all those who are here just for likes and follows. You said right that a true blogger doesn’t care about unfollow and other shitty stuffs!


  3. I understand your narrative and personally dislike having more likes than views but I thought through it.. some people believe in mutual support so it’s like for a like, follow for follow transaction..In the beginning it is easy for them to read all post they like but with increasing numbers it’s not feasible to read all post. For others it’s sort of marketing, liking 10 random post will atleast bring them 3 visitors. So, can’t blame. Also for someone who has just started writing getting a like from someone having 1000+ followers could be motivating as it takes time to understand the obligatory or bartered ‘likes’.

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  4. Chill dude! We’re living in a free world..let people do what they want. You concentrate on what u do best-creating content.
    Don’t let petty issues like these disturb u..
    Write because you love to, not to get people’s comments and all…


    1. I am chilling dude! Had I really cared for likes and comments, I would have stopped way before when I hardly got any likes and comments even after writing 40+ posts. I don’t give a damn if no one like or comment on my posts. I write to express my views and vent out my feelings not for likes and comments. I just made a point and nothing disturbs me. FYI I am chilling dude, don’t worry about it.


  5. Totally agree !!
    Thats why I always comment on every post I read .. ‘cus I kno how much efforts ppl put behind every blog.. when ppl just like other’s post .. most of the time they don’t even read it nd thats equal to disrespecting someone’s efforts ..
    You said it right !! 👍


  6. Well said Manoj! The problem of quality blogging is this 🤦 they dont have a quality time to read and they believe liking means the bloggers will think they have read the post. And that is a myth, and we know the fact😉. Lets agree they exist and keep blogging 🙂✍️✨

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  7. … I read a lot of poetry blogs. I generally do not like or post on poems I don’t actually like. But sometimes literally all I could say about it, is that I like it. Sometimes I appreciate a poem because it makes me feel things, but I have trouble articulating why. I once commented on a poem “Well, how about that” and I think I offended the author. It just threw a lot at me and I wasn’t sure how to respond to it. So in those cases I just hit the like button.

    Also, I don’t feel like I always have anything worthwhile to say, or someone else has already addressed it in the comments. Then I just use the like button to show I sort of second the opinion. People have to take time to read the comments too, and it gets boring if they are too repetitive.

    …Or too long like this one. Lol.


    1. Nicely put. I agreed. That’s why I said that you don’t have to comment on every post to prove that you have read the post. Thank you for reading and sharing your views.


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