My blogging story

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This is my 100th post. I didn’t think that I would come this far. Firstly, I would like to thank WordPress for providing me a platform for expressing my views. Secondly, I would like to thank all my followers and other bloggers who read and appreciated my blog. Thirdly, I would like to thank all the people who put me down and criticized me because all this just made me stronger.

People usually start their blog with their story, but I am telling my story now. I have been thinking to start a blog for a long time, but due to many reasons I keep delaying it. I didn’t know that a free WordPress blog can be created. Another reason was I wasn’t perfect in English which is a shame for me despite studying in an English medium school. Though, I am still not perfect because I have realized that there is nothing like perfection exists. I kept delaying things for perfection, but I have understood that no one is perfect. So, anyone who wants to do something, my advice is don’t wait for perfection. Start it now, with time and experience you will get better.

Though, I created a blog on Google’s blogger platform in 2013 itself. I wrote a post also but there were many reasons due to which I couldn’t continue blogging. First, I didn’t like the interface and there wasn’t more flexibility to customize the blog and make it better. Second, I was kind of busy in many things and there was chaos in life. May be someday, I will post that blog which I wrote.

My purpose of blogging is to vent out my feelings and random thoughts which keep bugging me and makes me anxious. I just want to get rid of them. It relieves me what I have in my mind, I just said it. These random thoughts keep coming to my mind and affect my concentration. Due to this, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. In February 2019, I finally created a blog on WordPress after delaying it for so many years. So, I wrote my first post on ‘Life’ and I hardly wrote 4 lines and I was feeling like I have written 400 lines. I had thoughts, but I had no words to express them. After starting my blog, for 5 months there were hardly any views, but I kept blogging because I wasn’t blogging for others but to vent out my feelings and thoughts.

I am blogging within my limitations. I am not like many talented bloggers. I can’t write properly in English because English is not my native language. I have no vocabulary. I have no fancy words. I can’t play with words and create magic with words like many bloggers. I can’t rhyme words. I haven’t even read a single book or novel yet. Though, I ordered a book ‘No full stops in India’ by Mark Tully few years ago, but I haven’t read the full book yet. I have read only a few pages. I am not an avid reader, unlike many bloggers who keeps reading something.

So, this was my blogging story. If anyone who wants to start a blog, my only advice is that write with your heart and don’t wait for perfection and the right time. I have written a blog ‘How to write a blog’, you can read here.

It may not be an achievement for others, but It’s an achievement for me because I hadn’t imagined it that I would come this far. Life is strange and unpredictable, what you expect to happen, doesn’t happen and what you don’t expect to happen, it happens.

Again, thanks to all for appreciating my blog.

Believe yourself.

26 thoughts on “My blogging story

  1. You might not have as wide a vocabulary in English as you do in your native language, but your grammar is easy to follow and that’s the important part. I think you will find many people who speak English as a second language will appreciate the simplicity, so actually you might find a wider audience because of it 🙂

    (I am a native English speaker, with French as a second language. I think you are doing better in English than I would in French, so I am quite impressed by it).


  2. Firtly congratulations !!
    M glad that you didn’t gave up!!
    And tht you started this blog .. otherwise we would not hv got the opportunity to gt to read such good content !!

    And you dont hv to b ashamed for not being perfect in english.. coz its ur second language .. so its totally understandable !! I too mk so many grammatical mistakes but who cares .. You know how to express ur heart n thoughts n thats enough !!
    Also, you dont hv to be a good reader like others .. you dont need to do anything like others .. you are unique .. you are YOU..!!
    you hv no idea how many of them wants to be like you ..!!
    M proud of you !! Keep growing !!
    congratulations again ..!! 💜


  3. Nice to know your blogging story Manoj. Keep writing for yourself. It’s amazing. And i agree that perfection is elusive. There will always be space to get better and you will always be chasing it. So better start now.


  4. And you are doing such a wonderful job! Thank you. Just now I came across your blog and I’m loving it. Keep up the love and excellent work. Sent with a smile from Germany. Yours, Sovely




    1. Language is not a barrier. It is a medium to express yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are blogging in Malayalam or English. Use any language in which you can express yourself freely.


  6. Wow. Thanks for sharing this. Really amazing this. Personally, I love blogging. Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that’s self-published online. Blogging started as an opportunity for individuals to write diary-style entries, but it has since been incorporated into websites for many businesses.


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