Angels and kindness

Kindness is keeping our faith alive in humanity. Kindness can’t be measured in size. It can’t be big or small, it doesn’t matter. For me, angels are those people who help and encourage other people. These people are like a ray of hope for other people who are helpless, hopeless and want to give up, living in poverty and miserable conditions or having no resources.

Kindness can be of any type. It is not necessary that you help someone with money only. You can feed someone. You can donate clothes, shoes, books and other things. Kindness is not restricted to physical things only. If a woman, an old person or anyone is standing in a bus or train and you offer her or him your seat is also an act of kindness. This may seem small but such small acts of kindness are keeping the humanity alive. When you encourage someone with your words when he gets hopeless and about to give up is also an act of kindness for me.   Sometimes an angel comes and change your perspective about life and way of thinking with his words and eventually all this changes your whole life.

Many people ask why should they help someone if no one helps them. You don’t help someone to get something in return, you help others because you want to. Kindness is not about give and take. When you start expecting something in return for an act of kindness and help, it doesn’t remain kindness anymore, it becomes business in which you give something and expect something in return.

In day to day life, many acts of kindness go unnoticed. People are doing their bit in their capacity. Some are feeding people, some are providing water, some are educating underprivileged children, some are providing health facilities, some are making people independent by providing different skills so that they can earn and run their families, some are inspiring people with their words, etc. Many people themselves lack the money and resources even then they are helping others. Many people give their precious time from their lives and volunteer for social causes and other causes. All these people are angels for me. Thanks to all the angels who are helping someone in whatever way they can.

Help someone if you can.

8 thoughts on “Angels and kindness

  1. Personally, I am a bit of a miserable turd most of the time.

    But it’s good to be reminded about what I should strive for, and that too is an act of spreading kindness. Thanks for the post!


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