It is a true incident from my school days. I don’t remember exactly what the class I was studying in at that time, but I think I was in 7th or 8th class. I have a classmate who lived nearby our home. I can say that the place where he lived was approximately 100 steps … More Gift

I like to be alone

I like loneliness. It’s better to be lonely than to be among fake and negative people who keeps trying to insult you. Such people always keep looking for an opportunity to mock and taunt you. They always remain jealous of you and try to make you feel inferior. Distance yourself from such people. It’s better … More I like to be alone

I love Friday

I love Friday. Though, it is not a holiday but even then, there’s something special about Friday. Though, holidays differ from country to country and workplace to workplace, but in most countries usually Saturday and Sunday are holidays. On weekdays, you have to go to work. If you are a student, you have to go … More I love Friday