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What is the best time to publish blog posts? It is the question which comes to many blogger’s mind. You always remain confused about the right time to post your blog posts. You always wonder why someone else’s blog post gets more views and likes than yours despite having better content than theirs. Though, everyone doesn’t write for getting views and likes, but for many bloggers views and likes matter. Before I tell you, what is the best time to publish your blog posts, I want to tell you about a few things.

You may find statements below contradictory to each other, but they are very true on their own. The number of views and likes which a blog gets depends on various factors which are as follows

1. Quality of content

The first and the most important thing is the quality of content. If your content is not good people won’t read it at all, even if you publish it when most people remains online. Content should be good so it attracts people to read it.

2. Online presence

The number of people who are online when you publish your blog post also matters to get more views and likes. Even if your content is good, but you are not publishing it at the right time your all hard work will go in vain. If you are publishing your post when only a few people are online, then how you will get more views and likes.

3. Interests of online people

Even the number of people who are online at a particular time isn’t a guarantee of getting more views and likes. Even interests of people who are online is also one of the reasons. Suppose you have posted a blog about your life and the people who are online that time aren’t interested in reading posts about other people’s lives.

4. Republishing blog posts

Many times, you wonder a blog post of another blogger has got more views and likes than yours despite the fact that you publish your blog post almost at the same time. Why is this difference? It is because some bloggers keep publishing their posts again and again so more people visit and read their posts and therefore their posts get more views and likes.

5. Office hours and school and colleges timings

During office hours it is very unlikely people will be online and read your post. Students also don’t get the time when they are in schools and colleges.

6. Holidays

On holidays, many people want to spend time with their families or like to travel and go outside rather than being online and read your posts. But at the same time, many people and students get the only on holidays to read blogs because on other days they remain busy. You may get more views and likes and also few views and likes on holidays. The holidays are both advantage and disadvantage for bloggers.  

Many factors mentioned above are not in control of you, but you can focus on quality of content, it is in your hands.

One more thing I want to explain before I tell you about the best time to post your blog posts. What I observed is that mainly bloggers belong to three countries.

1. India
2. USA
3. UK

and there are small fractions of bloggers belong to other countries. So, you need to publish your blog posts during time when people from these three countries remain online. I will tell you time, which is according to Indian Standard Time (IST) and you can convert it to find the time of your place. Time in India is approximately 4 and half an hour ahead of time in the UK and it is approximately 9 and half an hour ahead of time of the USA. You can calculate according to this also.

Office hours in India are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or 9:30 am to 6:00 pm or 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Timings of school and colleges may differ because at some places they run in different shifts. People in India start coming online after 4:00 pm in the evening and they might remain online until 1:00 am in the midnight. In this time period you can post your blog posts.

If you want to get maximum views and likes, post your blog posts between 5:00 pm IST and 11:00 pm IST (Indian Standard Time).

The number of views and likes that a blog post gets depends on various factors as I mentioned above, but it is not guaranteed that if you post in this time period you will definitely get more views and likes but it can certainly increase probability of getting more views and likes.

If you feel any difference by posting your blog posts in this time period, let me know about it. I am curious to know about it.

Write with your heart and nothing else matters.

17 thoughts on “Best time to publish blog posts

  1. Great stuff. It’s something I’ve been trying to get to grips with myself. I find that often I’ll post something and get a dozen likes or more, and fifty or so page views in minutes. Other times, like today, I’ve had three likes and only five page views on a post that went up an hour ago. Clearly, Saturday afternoon UK time is not the best choice for me!!


  2. That’s an extensive research you’ve done. I have never ever thought about all these things. I write for my happiness and never for other’s likes. Even if one person has liked it its fine with me. 😀


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