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It is a true incident from my school days. I don’t remember exactly what the class I was studying in at that time, but I think I was in 7th or 8th class. I have a classmate who lived nearby our home. I can say that the place where he lived was approximately 100 steps away from our home. His place was in the line behind our home. His family lived there on rent. We used to play together cricket on his house or my house or any other place. We spent most our time playing cricket, especially in summer holidays and winter holidays as we got 50 holidays in summer and 10 holidays in winter.

He invited me to his house on his birthday. He also invited another friend from our class. I didn’t know whether he invited other classmates or not. As I am an introvert, I always hesitate to go such function where there are more people, but as he was my dear friend, I couldn’t think about not going to his birthday. So, the day came. I was quite nervous because I had to face more people there. As I didn’t go to such functions, I didn’t know what should I do but I knew that I was going to someone’s birthday and I should get a gift for him. It was the only second time I was going to someone’s birthday. First, I went to someone’s birthday in 2nd or 3rd class so I had no idea what happened there.

I was thinking whole day, what gift I should give to him. As we didn’t get any pocket money, I told my father to bring a pencil box, pencil, eraser, sharpener and scale which I decided to give to him as a gift. Though I belong to a middle class family, but if I had told my father, he could have brought something else also but I decided to gift him a pencil box and other things which I thought would be a good gift. So, my father brought them and gave all to me. The pencil box wasn’t very fancy and big. It was a simple pencil box. I put pencil, eraser, sharpener and scale in the pencil box and start waiting for the time 7:00 pm, the time on which he invited us.

So, the time came and I was very nervous. I was nervous about people, which I had to face, but I was more nervous about my gift which I was going to present him. I wasn’t sure whether he would like it or not. So, I put the pencil box in the pocket of my pant and started walking slowly towards his house. As I reached his house, I saw people there in beautiful dresses and big fancy gifts. I was hesitating to enter his house so I decided to wait outside his house for another friend whom he invited. After some time, that friend came. He was properly dressed and wearing shoes while I was wearing a shirt and pant and wearing slippers because I used to live like this only. He had a big gift which beautifully wrapped. After seeing his big gift, I started thinking how I would be able to give my small gift in front of all the big fancy gifts other people have brought. So, he and I entered his house. The celebration started. People started dancing, but I was busy in my thoughts I was in a dilemma whether I should gift that pencil box or not. Finally, that time also came, my friend cut the cake and people started wishing him and giving the gifts they brought for him. Another friend he invited also presented him that beautiful gift he brought. Now my turn came, I wished him, but couldn’t able to take out the pencil box from my pocket. I just wished him and started watching other people celebrating. After his birthday ended, I started walking to my home thinking whether I should have given him the gift which I brought him with so much love. Finally, I reached my home with a gift in my pocket.

I always think of this incident. I have realized that size of a gift doesn’t matter, how expensive it is, doesn’t matter, but all that matters is the love and affection with which you give something to someone.

A gift is a gift, regardless of its price and size. All that matters is our feelings for someone.

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