Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is commonly known as OCD. It is a mental disorder. In this disorder, recurring unwanted, unreasonable and intrusive thoughts keeps coming to a person which leads him to do perform repetitive tasks. Most of the people don’t even know about OCD. Many people who are suffering from OCD even don’t know that they are suffering from OCD. In a physical disease, one can identify it by seeing common symptoms and changes occur in the body, but it is very hard to identify mental disorders.

Such people perform repetitive things or do certain things because of intrusive thoughts and fears. They do such things because they think that if they don’t perform these compulsions, something bad will happen to them or their family. If they don’t execute these compulsions, they become angry, anxious and depressed. Such people usually have low concentration level. They can’t concentrate on anything.


There are innumerable symptoms of OCD and these symptoms differ from person to person. There common symptoms of OCD are as follows

1. Cleaning is the most common OCD, which can be seen in people. Cleaning is good but excessive cleaning is the symptom of OCD. People who suffer from such OCD keeps cleaning house and other things. Such people can’t tolerate if you dirty their house or anything else belongs to them. They keep washing their hands and bathing because they think that they have become dirty because someone has touched them or they have touched something dirty. It not only affects the person suffering from OCD, but also his or her family also. Such people might force his or her family members to keep clean everything and organized and when their family members don’t follow their instructions, they become angry, anxious and depressed. Cleaning is like healing for their stress and anxiety.

2. To keep things organized, in a particular order or pattern or symmetry is another form of OCD. Such people keep their things well organized. They are very possessive about their things and can’t tolerate that anyone touches their things and disorganized them. Some people keep or do things in a particular order or patter or symmetry because they fear that if they don’t do it in a particular way, something bad will happen.

3. Repetitive behavior and actions are another sign of OCD. People suffering from such OCD, repeat their behavior and actions to prevent something bad from happening. For example, a person checks locks, lights, appliances, etc. multiple times to confirm his actions and also because he fears that if he doesn’t check them, something bad will happen. Repetitive behavior affects your work also. Suppose a person is working in his office and he is doing a certain thing, but he does multiple check to confirm that he is doing his work right. It not only makes him tired early, but also affects his productivity and efficiency.

4. Fear of hurting self is also a sign of OCD.A person standing on a height might fear that he might not jump. A person waiting for a train, bus, etc. might fear that he might not jump in front of them. A person might have a fear of hurting himself by sharp and pointed things like a knife.

5. Thinking bad about your family members, friends, relatives, God, etc. is also a form of OCD. Unwanted and intrusive thoughts, sexually explicit thoughts and images and violent thoughts about family members, friends, relatives, God, etc. keep coming to mind of such people, though they try not to think so but fail to control these types of thoughts and images.

6. Being superstitious is also a sign of OCD. Such people always keep doing certain things to prevent something bad from happening, but they don’t know they are just encouraging their OCD instead of controlling it. The more you believe in superstitions the more you get entangled in it.

7. Some people do certain things again and again to reduce their stress, anxiety and anger. For example, such people do shopping whenever they are angry or anxious to reduce their stress. It is also a sign of OCD.


The best thing is to consult a doctor as soon as possible because the more you delay in treatment, the more your OCD will become worse.

OCD not only affects a person, but also his personal life, family, relationships, career and people around him or her. It causes anger, anxiety and depression. Don’t ignore it. Get it treated as soon as possible.

Mental illness is equally worrisome as physical illness. Don’t take it lightly.

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