My phobias

Everyone in this world has some fears. Phobia can be defined as persistent and excessive fear of something. I have also some phobias like many people. I am sharing my phobias which creates anxiety in me.

Fear of heights

I hate heights. I try to avoid going to high places because I have an extreme fear of heights. If I have to go to such places. I try to remain away from edges, railings and walls. I try to avoid looking downwards because I fear that I might not jump. I become anxious when I look downwards from height.

Fear of closed spaces

I am claustrophobic. Once my friend in school, locked me in a classroom, I was alone and there were no windows in that classroom. I had a panic attack. I became anxious and felt suffocated. I started screaming to open the door. It feels like someone is smothering you or someone has handcuffed you and you can’t do anything.

Fear of facing crowds

As I am an introvert, I don’t like crowds at all. Since childhood, I have been trying to avoid crowds. I don’t like social gatherings, weddings, birthdays, or any other functions where there are crowds, I try to avoid them. If I have to attend them, I try to get out of there as early as possible.

Fear of public speaking

I can’t speak in front of crowds. I just become nervous after seeing so many people, my heart just starts pounding and anxiety surrounds me. In school also, whenever teacher had to pick someone for public speaking for some competition, I tried to hide myself because I can’t speak in public.

Fear of marriage

I have a fear of marriage. I have a fear that my marriage won’t last long and it might break. It’s not that I am not a loyal person, but I fear of commitment. I fear that things might not work.

Fear of snakes

I don’t like snakes at all. I used to watch programs and documentaries on snakes, but now I have completely stopped watching such things. It’s not that I didn’t fear from snakes earlier, but I watched them out of curiosity. I cringe whenever I see a snake on television or in real. The way it crawls, the way it shows its fangs and the sound of hissing makes me cringe.

Everyone fears from something.

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