How to restore comments from spam in WordPress

Comments are a very important part of blogging. Comments helps you to interact with other bloggers, but sometimes spammers use it as a tool to promote a product or service. WordPress has Akismet, a built-in anti-spam service which stops spam, but sometimes it also sends genuine comments of bloggers to spam in WordPress. So, always … More How to restore comments from spam in WordPress

My favorites

To choose favorites is always hard, but I have tried to choose my favorites. Favorite CountryIndia Favorite ColorSky Blue and Gray Favorite SeasonAutumn and Spring because during this time weather is neither too cold nor too hot. Favorite DayFriday because it feels good on Friday as weekend starts the next day. You can read my … More My favorites

Why you shouldn’t keep award nominations open to everyone

Who doesn’t like awards? Awards keeps you inspired and encourage you to do better. I have written a blog, why bloggers shouldn’t decline award nominations, you can read that here. One thing I have noticed is that many bloggers keep the award nominations open to everyone, they don’t mention the name of bloggers. There might … More Why you shouldn’t keep award nominations open to everyone

I love Nokia

I am a diehard fan of Nokia. I love everything about Nokia. Many of you might have also used a Nokia phone in your life. Nokia phones are always known for its aesthetic design, build quality, high quality camera, beautiful sound and how we can forget the iconic ringtone of Nokia. My first mobile was … More I love Nokia

I love music

Music is a bliss. It is in everything, rainfall, flow of a river, waves of an ocean, etc. People may have different languages but music has no language. It is for everyone. It unites people. It has no boundation. Music is closely attached to life. We can’t imagine any celebration without music. The type of … More I love music