I love music

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Music is a bliss. It is in everything, rainfall, flow of a river, waves of an ocean, etc. People may have different languages but music has no language. It is for everyone. It unites people. It has no boundation. Music is closely attached to life. We can’t imagine any celebration without music.

The type of songs you listen depends on your mood. You hear sad songs when you feel low or in case of heartbreak, romantic songs when you feel happy or when you like or love someone or you are in a relationship, dance and fast songs when you are very happy and party mood, slow songs when you want to relax.

Lyrics of a song might be bad, but the music can’t be bad at all. Regardless of genre, music is always soothing to the ears and mind. Have you listened Indian classical music? Many people might find it boring, but once you listen it for some time, you will love it.

I love Music. I can’t imagine my life without music. It is an inseparable part of my life. It is my best friend. In every moment of life, it remains with me. Whenever I feel low, music is one of the things which soothes me. I just start listening songs whenever I get upset. Music is a way to deal with my pain. I find peace in music.

When you see a music video, you enjoy it, but when you listen to a song, you feel it. That is why I love listening songs rather than watching them.

As I am an Indian and Hindi is my native language, I love Hindi songs. I love both old and new songs. I especially love 90’s Indipop songs. These songs are really special because of their beautiful lyrics and videos. I love English songs also. At one phase in my life, I used to listen English songs day and night but now I listen to them occasionally.

Whenever I like a song, I start listening it on loop. I keep listening it for hours. Sometimes I keep listening it for many days if I like it very much. I keep humming it. Some songs make their place in heart at the very moment you listen it while some grows on you slowly.

Now I have a mobile and computer to listen music but there was a time when I had no such things. We used to have an audio tape in our home, which we used to listen music. At that time there were no mobile phones and computers were very costly. The audio tape has two big speakers and audio cassettes were used to listen music. It was like an integral part of our home. We woke up with beautiful sounds of Bhajans (devotional songs) in our ears. The day started with Bhajans as my parents liked to listen to them. I also liked them.  After coming back from school, I used to listen music in the evening and would play songs at high volume. We had many audio cassettes. It included cassettes of Bhajans, Aartis (devotional songs), movie songs, etc. We also had many cassettes of Rajasthani songs as we belong to Rajasthan. I also loved them. Though we still have that audio tape and speakers, but now we don’t use it anymore as both the speakers have stopped working.

I also had a portable transistor radio. I became an addict of listening music on that radio and it affected my studies badly. AT college time, I had a Nokia 2310 on which I used to listen music. I don’t have any songs on my mobile so listen to songs played on the radio station. There was a single radio station at the place where I studied. The radio station started in the very year I took the admission in the college. I used to listen to music on that Nokia mobile. It had so high volume that it can bring shame to any smartphone of today. I didn’t like my college days as I didn’t like the place. It was a very tough time for me in my life. Music is the best company I could have. I had a room on the roof, I used to roam on the roof and plug my earphones and listen to music especially at night. When most of the people would sleep and I used to listen to songs played on the radio station until 2 or 3 am in the night. Music was all along throughout my life. I am grateful to music for being with me all my life.

I love music.

25 thoughts on “I love music

    1. Glad to know that it reminded you of your childhood memories. I try to post regularly but due to job I get the time only on the weekends but I’ll definitely try to post regularly. Thank you for reading.

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    1. It’s good to know that you relate with it and it reminded of your childhood. Old Hindi songs have some magic. They are special because of their beautiful lyrics. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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  1. I like really old songs.. language hardly matters when music speaks to you. I am a big fan of Kishore Kumar songs (Indians might know him). Indian classical and carnatic music is to die for.
    Your post is lovely.


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