I love Nokia

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I am a diehard fan of Nokia. I love everything about Nokia. Many of you might have also used a Nokia phone in your life. Nokia phones are always known for its aesthetic design, build quality, high quality camera, beautiful sound and how we can forget the iconic ringtone of Nokia.

My first mobile was Nokia 1112. It was a feature phone with keypad. I had it during my college time. I used to play the famous Snake game in it. I used it for one year.

After Nokia 1112, I got a Nokia 2310. It was also a feature phone. Its build quality was great as you expect from Nokia. I mentioned about its volume in my previous post I love music. Its volume was louder than many smartphones of present time. I used to listen songs on it. I can’t forget how I used to plug my earphones and listen songs in the night roaming on the roof during my college time. Once I was very angry and in anger I threw my Nokia 2310. I threw it so hard that I was certain that it would break, but it didn’t break even after throwing so hard. Though its back cover and battery fell apart, still nothing happened to the screen and the body of the phone. I regret that I did that, but in anger I lose my sense.

The first smartphone I got was also Nokia. I bought Nokia Lumia 625 in 2014. I am still using it. It is a Windows Phone. I have used it very roughly, but it never disappointed me. It had fallen multiple times but nothing happened to it. Once it fell from the table face down, but not a single scratch appeared on the screen. That is why I love Nokia.

I bought Nokia Lumia 625 at that time when Nokia was going through tough times. Nokia decided to go with Windows operating system rather than going with Android. That was a blunder by Nokia. Due to this decision, sale of Nokia phones was started declining. Though, Nokia brought Lumia phone series, which had colorful, beautifully designed and have good camera phones, but due to Windows operating system people restricted themselves from buying it. Windows operating system was good, but the main problem was the lack of applications for it.

Nokia was number one in selling mobile phones until 2012 but a wrong decision cost Nokia badly. Nokia’s decision of not using Android for its phones also teaches us a lesson that one decision can change your whole life.

Microsoft acquired Nokia phone business in 2014. I felt very bad. I became emotional because I had used Nokia phones and knew that what Nokia stands for. Microsoft tried to compete with Android, but failed miserably. Now HMD Global sells Nokia mobiles under the brand name of Nokia. It has got the license from Nokia to sell the Nokia phones under the brand name of Nokia. HMD Global have many former employees of Nokia so I believe that they know what Nokia stands and known for.

I have been using my Nokia Lumia 625 for more than five years, but now it is not working properly. Windows operating system has stopped supporting many applications and many applications are not available for Windows Phone. I am thinking of buying a new phone. Many people suggest me to buy a phone of any other brand, but my faith in Nokia is still strong. Though, I haven’t heard positive feedback about new Nokia phones, but I want to give it a last try. Nokia is offering stock Android and regular software updates. According to Counterpoint, an analysis and research firm, Nokia is number in providing software updates.

If someone gives me a choice to choose between a Nokia phone and Apple phone, I will choose a Nokia phone without thinking twice. I still believe that Nokia won’t break my trust.

I still love Nokia.

7 thoughts on “I love Nokia

  1. I can’t stress this enough I love Nokia. I broke my Lumia 630 and am still heart broken over it as they stopped the production. I know no one people didn’t like windows but I was in love with it, wish I could buy it again.
    Happy to know another Nokia lover! 🙂


    1. True that Windows Phone interface is user friendly in comparison to Android. Anyone can use it because of its simplicity, the only but the biggest problem was lack of applications for Windows operating system. Good to know that you also had Nokia Lumia. Thank you for sharing your views.

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