How to restore comments from spam in WordPress

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Comments are a very important part of blogging. Comments helps you to interact with other bloggers, but sometimes spammers use it as a tool to promote a product or service. WordPress has Akismet, a built-in anti-spam service which stops spam, but sometimes it also sends genuine comments of bloggers to spam in WordPress. So, always keep checking spam in your WordPress account because sometimes comments from bloggers whom you know end up in spam. In this post, I will tell you how to restore genuine comments from spam.

1. Firstly, open WordPress dashboard which is used for advanced settings. To open WordPress dashboard, write your blog address in the address bar of your browser and suffix /wp-admin to it and press enter. For example, my blog address is, to open my WordPress dashboard, I have to type in the address bar of the browser.

2. You will see At a Glance section in which you will see a number of spam comments you have. Click on it and you will see all the spams. The second method is that click on comments on the left side bar and you will see all the comments, then you have to click on spam to see spam comments.

3. To restore spam, you have to tick the checkbox of the comment you want to restore. Then, select ‘Not Spam’ from the dropdown list which is at the top and bottom of the comments. You can select ‘Not Spam’ from either of the drop down list. After this, just click apply button beside it.

4. Now, the comment which you have selected to restore will go to Pending section. Click on pending and tick the checkbox near comment you want to restore. Now, again click on the drop down menu at the top or bottom and select approve. After selecting approve, click apply button, now the comment will start showing in the respective post.

I restored the comment because I didn’t find it suspicious. It was a genuine comment. Always make sure that the comments are not spam before restoring them.

Always keep checking spam so that you don’t miss the genuine comments.

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