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Marriage is the biggest and important decision in one’s life. You have to decide with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. A right or wrong decision can change your life. A right decision can make your life happy while a wrong decision can ruin your life. So, always take your time when you choose your partner.

In my opinion, your marriage fully depends on your destiny. With whom you will get married is already destined. It’s destiny that you love someone and want to marry him or her, but you get married to someone else.

Marriage is life changing especially for a girl because her whole life change in one moment. She has to leave her parents, home and move to a new place and live with a new family. It’s never easy to leave your parents and home for forever. She has to change herself according to the new family and custom and traditions. She has to adapt herself in a new environment. It’s not easy at all.

There are mainly two types of marriage, arrange and love. In arrange marriage, two unknown persons get married while in love marriage, two persons who already know each other get married. The question is which is the best of the two? In my personal opinion, love marriage is the best option. The reason is that in case marriage doesn’t work, you can’t blame others. You can’t blame your parents, family or others that they have ruined your life. You are responsible for your decision in a love marriage.

In arrange marriage, your parents and family take decisions for you which I think is very unfair. I agree that children must also involve parents in decision making, but the last decision must be of a girl or boy because it’s their life and it must be their decision that with whom they want to spend their lives.

There are many reasons which people give in favor of arrange and love marriage. People who favor arrange marriage, says that it last long as both partners don’t know each other very well, they remain curious to know each other and it increases love between them.

I find arrange marriages very unfair. How can you know someone in half an hour or an hour meeting? How can you decide your life partner in a short period of time?

Loyalty is the foundation of any relationship. Nowadays, people are more involved in extra marital affairs, adultery and other immoral things. They keep relationship with multiple people outside their marriage despite knowing that they are betraying and breaking the trust of their partner. If a man is cheating her wife, how can you expect that he will not cheat you. If a woman is cheating his husband, how can you expect that she will not cheat you. Marriage is a sacred institution, respect it.

If you can’t be loyal to your partner, you don’t deserve him or her. If you don’t love your partner anymore or not happy with your married life, it’s better to part ways instead of betraying him or her.

Sometimes, you keep dragging your married life, even if you are not happy because of many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is your children. You don’t want to affect children’s lives because of relationship of you with your partner. You don’t want to make your children feel sad and embarrassed. The bitter relationship of parents affects the children the most. One reason may be that you are not financially independent and you are dependent on your partner for living your life and raising your children. Another reason may be that you don’t want to live alone. There may be other reasons also.

For a successful married life, you must be loyal and trust each other. You must respect each other. You must keep your ego aside. You must accept the flaws of your partner because no one is perfect.

Love each other and be loyal.

17 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. Wonderful Manoj! You think in a fair and matured manner. Marriage is a union, partnership, friendship, more over a great responsibility too. Parents should educate their children before marriage about it. Only when they are ready they should be married.


  2. Very valid points, Manoj, but sadly many out there don’t get this.
    And I think this destiny thing only works in case of Indians, westerners are free from this predisposition.

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      1. It doesn’t makes you orthodox…to each his own.
        What I mean is that the amount of lovers which get separated in India due to family pressure (most of the times) is far more than the west. We still have a whole lot of stigma around love marriage in our country.

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  3. Marriage shouldn’t be done in hurry na? Everyone should take time. I loved a guy..and he is getting married now. He is just 25 and I am 21..and I need time to set my career. He can’t wait and that’s the reason that he left… but I know I have done justice to my dreams and my life. I can’t get married in hurry..just bcz I have to do it. It takes a lot for a girl to settle in another family and at 21 with my career still not being’s difficult. But he had to make a choice of not waiting and me, to wait for my career to get stable.


    1. In my opinion, marriage and career are the two most important decisions in life. Marriage is one of the most important decisions in life as you are choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with that person. On the other hand, a career helps you in earning your living. A job earns you respect. Money makes you independent. You don’t have to rely on others for your needs. It depends on you what you choose. The choice is yours. There may be some reasons for him also, that is why he wants to marry now. It’s your life and it’s your decision, but there shouldn’t be regret later, that you didn’t make the right decision. For everything you lose, you gain something and for everything you gain, you lose something else.

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